What a nice present to find in my email box. Thank you again Michael Conner!  These really nice pictures were taken over Heritage Days weekend in July 2007.    Here's part of the email that came with the pictures: 

Hi Two Harbors ,

"Michael Conner here again. Well we were at the Heritage day’s celebration again this year and were early enough to watch the Fireworks by the lake, and of course I brought my camera. My wife and I set up down by the water near the boat launch area to watch the fireworks show. I aimed over the town and set my camera to aperture priority at f5.6 and kept shooting until the end. It is hard to see much detail on the 2.5 inch screen on the camera, but when I downloaded them onto my computer I was very impressed with what I had captured." 

     "I am enclosing a few of the photos to share with you."


Click on any photo for a larger version.

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   DSC_0663.jpg (79238 bytes)       DSC_0684.jpg (98085 bytes)

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