The Old Forum – fading away

The old Two Harbors Forum bulletin board is dying . . . . . .

Way back in 1999 – pre-Facebook and all of the other social media stuff that we have today – began it’s life as a community bulletin board. For me, it was a labor of love – a way to stay connected to my home when I lived far away. Somehow, it became a heavily used site full of fun, local information, area history, arguments about land development, all sorts of stuff. Later, we added a Clover Valley section which was ably moderated and promoted by Mike “Torggy” Torgerson. The Two Harbors piece did a gentle slide into obscurity with activity mostly ceased by the mid 20-teens. The Clover Valley portion has continued to draw users and active posts, albeit at a much slower rate than previously.

The bulletin board program was awesome in it’s day, but has not been supported or updated in many, many years. Glitches began several years ago. The first one was having to be a registered user to post anything. Now, the whole administration side of the program seems to have checked out. Torggy brought this to my attention just this week. I can’t log in, can’t post, can’t do a darn thing except read the content. And there’s alot of that! Thousands upon thousands of posts . . . . . . lots of history there. I’ll admit to some grief over this. It was a good run.

Summer Begins?

Memorial Day weekend is upon us. Please take a few minutes to remember those who have sacrificed for our country and our way of life.

And of course it is cold (41 degrees) and windy, damp, and drizzly like many Memorial Day weekends. It is the beginning of summer vacation season and the campground is filling with visitors to the beautiful North Shore. I hope the camping folks are well-prepared for our weather!

Another (sort of) new start

This site began as a free bulletin board site way back in 1999.  Over the years, there have been several iterations of the site, both in format and content.  The most successful was a pure bulletin board site that is still accessible from the Two Harbors Forum link.  Pre-Facebook, the site attracted 100’s of contributors who created 1,000’s of posts.  It still amazes me.  Somewhere along the way, I decided to use WordPress as the primary tool for   All fine and dandy, until there’s a glitch that I can’t fix.  So, this is another new start.  If WordPress functions correctly, it’s all good.  Keep your fingers crossed.