COVID Updates

Our county has been fortunate in having a relatively low severity of illness with our 200+ COVID cases. But, we’ve had a few folks hospitalized, some requiring ICU care. More will occur, and deaths will follow.

Social media posts abound that are filled with misleading information, encouragement to ignore guidelines, continue to gather in groups, etc., etc. There is one about gathering with your family and friends for Thanksgiving – because you never know – it might be the last one for some of them. That’s true, but it may also be the last one because someone picked up the virus at the gathering. Hey – it was was a great Thanksgiving Day, but grandma died.

Many people follow guidelines aimed at protecting them and others. Many don’t. And when you make choices to not follow mask, social gathering, social distance guidelines, and continue to send your kids to their extra-curricular events, then freak out when someone you’ve been around tests positive . . . . think about your choices.

Link to Lake County COVID-19 Updates.