Helping Neighbors & Friends

Small towns aren’t for everyone.  The very “smallness” that makes them appealing, can also make them difficult to live in.  Not everyone is welcoming of new people, and it can be difficult for outsiders to break in to some social circles.  Everybody knows everybody else’s business, their troubles, etc., etc., etc.  But, there’s lots of good stuff too. Sometimes when everybody knows your troubles and challenges, you might receive some kind words of encouragement, a nice phone call or a note in the mail that you didn’t expect. Maybe it is a financial challenge someone is facing, and money might magically appear.

Here’s a great example of the goodness of a small community. 325 people shared this on Facebook, and 49 individuals/families have stepped up to help another family.  Way to go Two Harbors, way to go.

Changes on City Council

Robin Glaser and Cathy Erickson are the newly elected City Council President and Vice-President.  Given some of the squabbles amongst the City Council in the past, it will be interesting to see if different leadership can help build strong working relationships on the Council.  Best wishes to all.

Voyageur Museum & Pierre

While doing a little surfing on eBay, I realized it was much warmer than surfing on Agate Bay or Burlington Bay!  OK, admit it, you laughed just a little bit.

There’s an amazing amount of old Two Harbors stuff out there.

I found a good luck medallion from the long-gone Voyageur’s Museum and a nice picture of Pierre when he was young. goodluck pierre